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⌀135mm(⌀5.31'') H35mm(1.38'') 660ASL 16sided LED Heatsink

⌀135mm(⌀5.31'') H35mm(1.38'') 660ASL 16sided LED Heatsink

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 Type 16-Sided LED Heatsink
Material Aluminum 6063-T5
Surface Non-Anodized (Mill Finish)
Diameter (Width) ⌀135mm / 5.31''
Height 35mm / 1.38''


This 16-sided LED Heatsink is derived from 660ASL Heatsink Extrusion with 16 equal vertical cuts.

It is a purpose-built heatsink for mounting LED PCBs up to 135mm / 5.31" diameter.

Through maximizing the surface contact of LED PCB to increase the heatsink performance, it is a cost effective solution for Round LED Products.