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We offer a variety of LED Channel extrusion profiles that can be used for many applications. At LED Profiles, our LED extrusions are available in styles such as trimless mud-in, recessed, bendable, suspended, round, surface mount, and more. Although aluminum channel extrusions do not come with LED lights, you can add your preferred LEDs to our channels for a personalized and precise final result.

For instance, do you want to prioritize cooling capabilities? If so, our surface mount aluminum channels feature a heatsink design that can deliver the cooling experience you’re looking for. Our aluminum channels can address specific problems or preferences to deliver the perfect application.

All LED channels are offered as a complete pack including your choice of diffusing lens covers, end caps, and other mounting accessories that can help to provide the best look for your project. This allows for even more personalization of your LED aluminum channels. Start building your ideal lighting solution with our aluminum channels below.