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Surface Mount LED Channels

Installing LED lights on any surface requires a secure mounting point. At LED Profiles, we carry surface mount LED channels that give you optimal control over your lighting placement. With the right LED channels, you can install lights that look and function precisely how you need, whether it’s in a workspace or a kitchen. No matter the application, our LED mounting tracks present an effective way to weave lights into your surroundings.

Surface mount LED channels offer a variety of slim and large extrusion profiles that can be used for many applications. All LED channels are offered as a complete pack including your choice of diffusing lens covers, end caps, and mounting accessories that can help to provide the best look for your project. If you need new surface mount LED channels to begin building the perfect lighting layout, find a solution below. The surface mount LED channels at LED Profiles include styles such as slim line, dotless, hot spot, free deep, and more.